Writing – The Scenes List: Getting Started

Getting started writing - with your outline and scenes list ready to rock, you'll know exactly what to write next.

GETTING STARTED WITH your first draft is – of course – the goal of all the work we’ve done before. By carefully considering our central idea and premise, then creating a strong structure for the narrative, we can easily divide the story into individual scenes – allowing us to “choose what to write next”.

We already know it all fits together – so you can pick whichever scene excites you most on a particular day and know exactly how it leads in to the rest of your story.

Once you get started, you’ll find the words flow much easier – helping you hit those word goals and get that first draft written in record time.

Of course – sometimes life gets in the way. And I’ll deal with that in the next video…


  1. Morgan says:

    Interesting that you got a slow start – I usually end up with the opposite. The first couple of days are a good 2.5-3k words and then is slows down from there.

  2. Wendy says:

    “First 1,500 words are hardest”? Heck, I write2-3K while I’m still figuring out if I have the potential for a book. My problem is losing steam after 10-13K. They “key scenes” are so strong, I just don’t want to slog through all the necessary slower-pace stuff. (That, or I get fork-in-the-road freeze and end up spinning my wheels about which way the story needs to go.)

  3. Gary says:

    I’ve now bought & downloaded scrivener too and there is so much to learn!
    Hope it doesn’t get in the way of what I’m really here to do – write!

    BTW, are you from Peterborough?

    1. Rob Radcliffe says:

      Nick has a great webinar with a scrivener guru who basically tailors scrivener to an easy to use author perspective. I’m sure it is in the tools of the trade section of his first 10k reader’s dashboard (if you are a member). I was exactly the same, lots of buttons to press and things to distract but 45 mins later I knew where I was with it all.

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