Write From Scratch

Watch me as I outline, plan, write, publish, launch, and market a brand-new series of fiction novels from scratch – with zero followers and no audience. Follow along and see all the moving pieces you need in place to launch a successful author career.


Why I’m Doing This – Mission Statement

Why am I doing this? (Hint: because you're going to love it). Here's everything you're going to learn along the way.

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Story Ideas – The Premise

How do you know your story idea is a good one? One of the crucial initial phases is making sure your idea can support a full premise - the core elements of your story. With this in place, you can move on to the outline and scenes list. Watch below for more, including a downloadable example and extra learning resources.

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Story Ideas – The Outline

Taking your premise - the core elements of your story - and expanding it into a full outline. This is your roadmap to craft your narrative, and will help you know exactly what to write when you sit down to work.

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Story Ideas – Help! My Story Sucks! Fixing Structural Issues

Sometimes, you'll get through an outline, put together a scenes list, and start writing - only to discover that *something* doesn't quite work. How can you pinpoint these things early and save yourself extensive re-writes later? I've invited "Story Guru" Joe Nassise - an NYT Bestseller with over 1m books in print - to help me fix a few problems I found in my first outline. You can also download the "before v after" scenes list to see how it all works in practice.

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Writing – The Scenes List: Getting Started

Getting started writing - with your outline and scenes list ready to rock, you'll know exactly what to write next.

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Writing – Hitting Word Goals + Finding a Groove

How much can you write in a day? A week? A month? Sometimes life gets in the way - and your story changes organically too. Here's how I deal with it.

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Writing – The Book is Done! What Happens Now?

So, you've written "the end"... What comes next? Here's a rundown.

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Writing – Fun with Covers! Here’s How to Get an Awesome Design

Getting the perfect design for your cover is a mixture of art and science... how do you know what will work and what's the process? Here's my rundown.

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Marketing – Gearing up for Launch! Here’s What I’ll be Doing

Your book launch needs to hit the ground running - and also set you up for the future. Here's what I'll be doing.

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Writing Your Book While Holding Down a Full-Time Job – There Are Some Benefits…

Is working from home really all it's cracked up to be?