Launch Results! (Plus, 3 Things That Went Horribly Wrong)

It's not all cake and butterflies... The launch of our boxed set went amazingly well, but three things nearly spoiled the fun.

LAUNCH RESULTS! – the launch of our sci-fi boxed set, Galaxia, has just ended and the results are in…

This was a particularly exciting (and nerve-wracking) launch for me, as this was the first time I’d ever put a science fiction novel out into the world (the very same novel you’ll see me talk about in the first videos on this site).

So I was amazed – and humbled – to see us get some fantastic results, collect some money for charity, and harvest a bucket-load of stats to share with you, so you can make your launches more effective (and hopefully, fun).

Oh, and I’ll also share with you the three things that went HORRIBLY wrong – so you can avoid making the same mistakes (or – if they happen to you – you’ll know what to do about it). 



And please leave a comment! What “launch disasters” have you got to share?


  1. michael gallagher says:

    I really appreciate the free info you have given me over the last few years, Nick. I have switched to MailerLite from Mailchimp and have not been very successful with my mailing list but now I have more books and I am re-writing my series starter. This boxset launch data and tweaks may give me the kind of boost I need later this year.

    1. Nick says:

      sounds like a solid plan, Michael!

  2. Patricia says:

    Approximately 66 million years ago… well OK, maybe not that long, but in those days there was no Internet (just Arpanet) and all publishers were dinosaurs and people read actual newspapers… My first novel was published by a very well-respected company, who did a huge promotion for me: articles and interviews in the press; wonderful reviews in the Times (before Murdoch) and magazine photo shoots because I was just 18. They absolutely flooded the archaeosaur media.
    Trouble was, they didn’t manage to get any of my books actually into the shops until 3 weeks after the fuss had died down and everyone was chasing another sensation.

    1. Nick says:

      oh no! how disappointing! I do seem to recall newspapers… though I haven’t seen one in the wild for quite a while.

  3. Val says:

    How horrible for you, Nick after all your hard work, but problems are merely challenges in different packaging. Hey, I just made that up (I think!) but it sounds quite motivating. 😀 I was at the ‘must get more likes- why aren’t they responding on social media,’ stage so it’s made me feel better to know it’s ‘normal.’
    Thanks, and best of luck.

  4. Ann Marie Thomas says:

    I planned a book launch at a local bookshop, just like the previous successful one, for my second book – and nobody came. I still don’t know what I did wrong.

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