Five Big Book Launch Surprises!

I never thought these things would happen...

FIVE BIG SURPRISES – as I write this, our charity boxed-set promotion has just crossed 5,000+ pre-orders, which is a GREAT milestone.

And there have been five big surprises that have taken me by… well, surprise, throughout this whole process. Three of them are “nice” surprises, two not so much…

In this video, I’ll break it all down for you – so the next time you’re running a book launch, you’ll know what works.

And if you’d like to get hold of the indepth boxed-set training (all about how to create, manage, and market a successful boxed-set launch) just pick up a copy of our charity set – Galaxia – before September 21st. 

Inside, you’ll find a website link within my submission (my novel Exit Protocol) – just follow the link to get instant access.

The boxed set is currently only $0.99, but the price goes up to $1.99 tomorrow (the 17th) so save yourself a hundred pennies and grab it now – the book (and the special link) will be delivered automatically to your device tomorrow.

Grab the book here:


And please leave a comment! What “launch stories” have you got to share?


  1. Carol Buhler says:

    Already pre-ordered Galaxia. Will I be eligible for the bonus box set launch training?

    1. Nick says:

      yes – just click the link in my book before the 22nd Sept!

      1. Joseph says:

        Hey! Got into this when you first announced. Looking forward to reading. Enjoyed your video top of page!
        I have the book set and went to your book. Kindle for Mac: went through your about the author, books, etc and don’t see a link for this training.
        Mind telling me the link name or such so I can search on it?

        1. Nick says:

          head on over to https://nickstephensonwrites.com and follow the instructions – sorry about that!

  2. Jeanne Ainslie says:

    Hi Nick,

    I always enjoy your videos! I have had the unpleasant experience of KDP cancelling my best selling erotic novel A Country Girl after no problem for nearly two years because “it now ( Nov 2017) violates their standards.”

    1. Nick says:

      oh no, that’s terrible!

    2. Tim says:

      Just go to other self publishing platform like lulu or Ingram spark. #freemarket #options

  3. Cristelle says:

    Hi Nick,

    I have downloaded Galaxia, but I can’t find the link. Where is it supposed to be?
    I found the “about the author” section which has no links, and the ” books” sections which only has Amazon links to your books. Nothing else…


    1. Nick says:

      head on over to https://nickstephensonwrites.com and follow the instructions – the publisher uploaded the book without my link in it. D’oh!

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