Marketing – Gearing up for Launch! Here’s What I’ll be Doing

Your book launch needs to hit the ground running - and also set you up for the future. Here's what I'll be doing.

YOUR BOOK LAUNCH – is probably the most exciting (and nerve wracking) experience you’ll go through as an author. And, regardless of your experience and backlist, you’ll want to hit the ground running and get as much exposure as possible.

So, what are the steps? Well, it depends on your circumstances. If you have a large email list and solid ads budget, the answer is fairly obvious (email your readers + run some ads, natch) but what if it’s your first launch?

As you’ll know, I’m launching the first book in my new sci-fi series soon (new book, new series, new genre, no fans) and I want to get the best results possible.

So in this video, I’ll take you through what I’ll be doing to get the best launch experience for my new series, and what I’ll be focusing on for maximum long-term results.



I’m supporting a charity promo right now and offering some detailed training on how to run successful boxed-set launches.

Normally this training would be $97, but I’m giving it away for free for anyone who supports Well Aware (a clean-water charity) by purchasing a copy of our new sci-fi boxed set, Galaxia.

We’ve already cleared well over 2,000+ copies during pre-launch and I’d love to show you how we did it.

Just buy a copy for 99c, support a great charity, and I’ll send you the training during the last week of September.

Click below to get the boxed set and receive the free training:

^^ I’ll email you with a link on September 17th (when the book officially releases) where you can enter a password and sign up for the training. The password will be hidden in the book, which you’ll get delivered to your e-reader on that date. So grab it on pre-order while it’s only 99c and I’ll do the rest!

Not on the email list? Sign up here to make sure you’re notified when the training link is released (mid September)

And please leave a comment!

When’s your next (or first) book launch? What have you got lined up? Also, if you’ve grabbed a copy of Galaxia, let me know! Leave a comment below:


  1. Val says:

    Hi Nick. Great marketing idea, and although I’m not a particular Sci-Fi fan, it would be worth buying for the training (and helping the charity.)
    I have 2 email addresses, one for my own books and blogging, the other for personal purchases. Would this confuse the gremlins? Thanks.

    1. Nick says:

      I’ll send out a link where you can get the training once it’s ready (late Sept) – and the password will be hidden in the book. So as long as you have the book – even if you pre-order it now – then you’ll be set. So it doesn’t matter which email you use, so long as you can get the email from me with the link!

      1. Ragland says:

        And we can only hope that you tell us where to look in the book(s) so we don’t have to read all eleven of them just to find the password!

        1. Nick says:

          haha – I will! There will be a link inside the book too.

  2. morgan says:

    Crazy timing – I legit just put out a book the other day. It’s my grandad’s math book though, so a solid but little launch with a few hundred copies shifted (hit #754 on the US free store). Couldn’t have done it without all your training!

    1. Nick says:

      Woop! Nice one Morgan!

  3. David Emil Henderson says:

    I have 2 novels, not enough for a boxed set and not even the same genre. They’ve been dormant on Amazon for a decade, despite two dozen 5-star reviews (but no marketing). After making revisions and updates, I want to produce a professional relaunch, and that’s why I’m trusting you for guidance. The first is a literary novel inspired by John Steinbeck’s “The Winter of Our Discontent.” (I’m considering a try for a Pulitzer). And the 2nd is a ripoff of Hitchcock’s hit “North by Northwest.” So??

    1. Nick says:

      This particular example is a multi-author boxed set. So you team up with a bunch of other people, submit a book each, and then promote the heck out of it together.

      For the launch of the single book, the goal is to get as many reviews as possible. Sales will come as new books are released and your catalogue + audience grows.

      (I’d try and vaguely stick to one genre / style though if you can – ideally in a series or “connected universe” to encourage people to read through and boost your ROI)

  4. Rony Joseph says:

    Hi Nick
    I think I am in a difficult genre poetry, spirituality combined with religion.
    Two books seated on Amazon with no reviews.
    A third one will be out of printing in a couple of weeks
    Desperately need your help

  5. Jed Herne says:

    This came at a perfect time – I’ve been following your stuff for over a year (put onto you by David Siteman Garland, whose CAOC program I purchased) and I’m releasing my debut fantasy novella on September 20th! Have already used giveaways to build an email list of 200+, so hopefully this will provide some traction. Thanks for sharing this – you’ve inspired me to document my own process 🙂

  6. Daina says:

    Shouldn’t this one be 09?

    1. Nick says:

      Yes. Internet goblins!

      1. Daina says:

        Those pesky buggers!

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Nick,

    I just clicked on all the links to try to get the book and it keeps coming up page not found. I searched on Amazon and it’s not showing. I’d love to buy it to support the cause and get the training.

    1. Nick says:

      Yeah we had an issue with Amazon – they yanked it because they hadn’t seen the contacts (they hadn’t asked for them either) and this is 30 day before it goes live. Totally arbitrary. It should go up again shortly, in the meantime you can still get it from any of the other stores 🙂

  8. Jeff says:

    What is the cost?

    1. Nick says:

      of what, Jeff?

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